How do I manage multiple email accounts on Android without adding them to Android accounts?

If you are like me who wants to add multiple Gmail and other accounts in your smartphone but not interested in adding them as Google account because of account syncing and other privacy reasons, there are several Android apps that provide this feature. Let us look into one here.

  • Install TypeApp from play store
  • Tap on add account
  • You will have options such as,
    • Sign in with Google
  • Tap on ADD OTHER ACCOUNT (Yes, for Gmail only)
  • There you will have the option to add all most popular email accounts, including Gmail
  • Tap on Sign in with Google, then you will have the option, such as
    • Select from List
    • Another Google account
  • Tap Another Google Account
  • You will be navigated to Gmail sign-in page
  • Login with your Gmail account there with the preferences you like
  • Similarly, you can add multiple additional accounts by repeating these steps.

Once these steps are completed, your gmail can be received and set using the TypeApp client, without interfering with your Android Google account.