Google keep direct bookmark (Tricks & Tips)

Here is a productivity trick. If you are looking for taking online/cloud-synced notes quicky, from your chrome bookmarks!

  • Login to your Google keep account (
  • Open your preferred note, that you want to access quickly
  • If you do not have any note, create a new one
  • Give a title and content
  • Save and close it.
  • Now open the note again, look at the new unique URL which can be bookmarked!
  • Note: You will be asked to log in if you haven’t logged in to your Google account already.
  • Add it to your browser bookmark
  • Next time, when you click on it, this note will be loaded directly.

Bonus Tip: To go and see all your Google Keep note, press the ESC key!

This works perfectly well in Desktop /Laptop browsers. Where in smartphones and tablets you may better prefer to install the Google-keep native app from the play store.