Youtube app how to loop a video to play repeatedly

There is no direct option to repeatedly playing a video on YouTube. However we can make this work using the following method.

How to play a youtube video on repeat on an Android phone app

  • Open YouTube app
  • Play your Video
  • Now, create a new playlist for that video by the steps below,
    • Tap on the Save button
    • When you get a playlist from the bottom, tap on New Playlist
    • Give a name, select Privacy as private and tap on Create
  • Upon creating a new playlist. You will get a message at the bottom, as: “Playlist created and SEE LIST”
  • Tap on the See list link
  • You would see the new playlist and your video in it
  • Now play the playlist
  • While playing, tap on the Down arrow at the bottom
  • A menu will expand with loop button on the left. Tap on it

So that explains how to loop a video or music in youtube app, your video will be playing repeatedly!